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The future of our freedoms and liberties is under threat, and it's time for us to take action.
The Great Reset, with its dystopian vision of a world dominated by big government and big tech, is a direct attack on our way of life. But we won't stand idly by and watch it happen. Join The Great Resign Campaign, and be part of a powerful movement to stop the Great Reset through boycotts, legal actions, and grassroots activation. Our mission is to say a big NO to the Great reset, protect our rights, and secure a brighter future for generations to come, through strategic, peaceful and powerful actions.
                              The time to act is now, so join us and let's get to work!


Every little small step

of the grassroots on the ground

will take us closer to a peaceful future for our children


If you want to arrange a Great Resign rally in your city or town please email:






The Great Resign Campaign was birthed though a network of men and women across the world that want to see the full picture of the attacks targeting humanity. We agree that we need to unite many different movements to powerfully counteract the Great Reset. The great reset future is one that breaks many of our fundamental rights and freedoms and it is already on its way to being implemented.

The fundamental rights and freedoms have been put in place by our predecessors to protect our society from not making the wrong turns that lead to dictatorship, tyranny, and in the end genocide. It is up to every generation to protect these freedoms so that we do not let our children live in a dystopian future including world dictatorship, isolation, surveillance, control, and disrespect to our fundamental rights. 

Though the efforts of our partner organizations, strategies are in place to powerfully, peacefully, and thoughtfully counteract the Great Reset and stop the tyranny of the powers that do not work towar
ds the good of the people and the world. 

NOW WE NEED THE NUMBERS AND THE ACTIONS! And we need everyone in the world that is conscious of what is happening to prioritize the peaceful fight for our children's future and join us in taking action!!!

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