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The Great Resign

No More Plandemics

No more unsafe medical experiments on

the world population 


No more Eugenics and decreasing

the world population 


No more corrupt elections

No more corrupt leadership and hidden agendas 


No more separation and division in the name of safety 


No more corrupt financial dictatorship 


No more WHO world governance 


No more killing and silencing of the 

real scientists and people with solutions 


No more attacks on our human soul and spirit


No more violations of our families

and the kidnapping of  our children


No more violations against 

The native people of our world


No more fraudulent use of science


No more attacks on experts and

scientists that speak their truth  


No more censorship in the form of


No more de-platforming for

using our freedom of speech


No more staggering starvation


No more staged wars and psyops


No more MSM propaganda and lies


No more attacks on our farmers,

our livestock and our crops


No more financial fraud

and crazy fuel and electricity prices


No more using kids as experimental animals


No more poisons and radiation

in our food, water & air

No more people being fired for standing up for their truth 

Let's Initiate The Great Resign


Rallies worldwide

Worldwide aligned actions


Social media campaigns

Worldwide Boycotts 

Take l
awful actions

Take Action through our partner projects and action plans!

Explore the amazing work of our partner organisations!

Do you want to participate in:

- Creating a Rally

- Taking legal action or inspiring others locally to re-claim their rights

- Report your own legal complaint to us

- Report a company, organisation or other entity that you believe should be part of the Boycott

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